Get The Most Out Of Your Leaf Blower

Tidying up is easy with the BLACK+DECKER POWERCOMMAND Boost Leaf Blower. Gone are the days of loud, irritating leaf blowers! The BLACK+DECKER POWERCOMMAND Boost Leaf Blower is quiet and power-efficient, and you don’t need to fight with extension cords or deal with smelly petrol to use it.

Weighing in at just 1.7kg, the Boost Leaf Blower is easy to manoeuvre and control, while the soft-grip handle makes it comfortable to operate for as long as it takes to get the job done. Noise isn’t an issue for the operator either, as it has been designed for quiet operation.

A bonus feature of the unit is the Boost function, where the push of a button delivers an extra burst of power to up the air output to 209km/h!

While Leaf Blowers are primarily designed for clearing away leaves, grass and dirt from lawns, driveways, patios, and the like, they are surprisingly versatile machines that have a host of secondary uses in the garden and around the home. Here are some ideas:

  • Cleaning your lawnmower: Use your Leaf Blower to clean your BLACK+DECKER cordless lawnmower or grass trimmer after use. This helps to keep it clean and dry, prolonging the lifespan.
  • Dry your car: If you’ve given your car a quick wash, dry it with your Leaf Blower to prevent watermarks.
  • Clean gutters: Use your Leaf Blower to blow leaves out of your gutters before they cause a problem. Because the BLACK+DECKER POWERCOMMAND Boost Leaf Blower is so light, it is easy to use even at the top of a ladder!
  • Start your fire: Having a braai and can’t get the fire going? Use your Leaf Blower (on the low setting!) to oxygenate the fire and get it roaring!
  • Blow out the bin: if you’ve been carting garden refuse in your bakkie (or a trailer), use your Leaf Blower to blow out any leftover bits and pieces. Because the BLACK+DECKER POWERCOMMAND Boost Leaf Blower is cordless and light, you can even take it with you to the dumping site and clean out your bakkie there!
  • Clear up the rain: If you’ve had a summer rain shower and want to use your patio, use the Leaf Blower to blow puddles off your furniture and patio floor – it’s quick and easy, and it makes slippery surfaces and damp short a thing of the past.

Finally, be safe when using your BLACK+DECKER POWERCOMMAND Boost Leaf Blower: use safety glasses during operation, work carefully and never point it towards someone else.

The Leaf Blower is part of the extensive BLACK+DECKER 18V POWERCNNECT range. This means that it uses the same lithium-ion battery and battery charger as every other tool in the POWERCONNECT range, making ownership more convenient and cost effective. You only need to buy one charger and battery, which can then be used with multiple 18V tools including the BLACK+DECKER 18V cordless chainsaw, grass strimmer and mower.

Click here for more information on the BLACK+DECKER 18V POWERCONNECT range.

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