Approaching winter

As winter approaches, we spend less and less time in the garden as the days get shorter and plants hunker down and prepare to wait out the cold. But don’t forget completely about your garden – this is the time to plan and prepare. Put together a gardening journal in which you plan what you will plant where and when, when to prune and any things you did this year that you’ll do the same or differently next year.

It is also the worst time of the year to be stuck without electricity: the dark nights are longer and colder, we all want warm, comforting food, and we’re less likely to brave the cold nights outside to dine al fresco by starlight. Husqvarna’s range of generators are the perfect machines to get you through those dark times with no power – scheduled or unscheduled.

The hard-working, portable nature of Husqvarna’s generators also make them ideal for mobile work operations, such as when you need electricity on a work site or somewhere else where you don’t have access to mains power.

Dependable, efficient and durable, these generators come with reliable petrol engines that start easily and perform in tough conditions, easy-to-use dash boards, sturdy lifting handles for easy mobility and a highly visible fuel gauge to tell you when to top up!

The G5500P generator is the hardest-working member of the Husqvarna generator line-up. It is powered by a 389cc 4-stroke petrol engine with a 5.0kW power output, making it powerful enough for almost any equipment. This makes it the essential companion for professionals spending extended periods in the field or residences with unreliable electricity supplies. Additional features include a fold-out lifting handle and a pair of heavy duty wheels, allowing you to easily move this generator between operating areas, and quick and easy electrical start up. The  25-litre fuel tank at 50 percent load gives approximately 11 hours operation time.

Technical and service support as well as spares are available through Husqvarna’s dealership network. 

Whether you’re wanting uninterrupted power at home or for a large worksite, you’ll find Husqvarna has a generator to suit your needs. You’ll also get to enjoy technical and service support, as well as easy access to spares, via the authorised Husqvarna dealership network. 

For more information, or to find a dealer, visit www.husqvarna.co.za

The Gardener