DIY Bird feeding station

Attract birds to your garden with this bird feeding station that gives them all the options they need to stick around and keep coming back.

What you need:

1.8m x 32mm wooden dropper

900mm x 16mm wooden dowel

550mm x 16mm wooden dowel

20mm x 200mm x 200mm piece of wood

Wood screws (3.5mm x 32mm)

Cup hooks

2 nails (40mm in length)

Paint or spray-paint

100 grit sandpaper

Tools: Cordless drill, 16mm spade bit, screwdriver bit, hammer, rubber mallet, paint brush (unless using spray-paint)


1. Cut one end of the dropper into a sharp point (this will be the bottom). Using the spade bit, drill a hole through the dropper, 50mm from the top. Drill a second hole perpendicular to and 100mm below the ­first hole.

2. Sand all the rough edges.

3. Hammer nails into one end of each dowel, 100mm from the end. Push the 900mm dowel through ­first hole in the dropper and the 550mm dowel through the second hole.

4. Screw a cup hook into each dowel, 100mm from the opposite end to the nail.

5. Screw the 200 x 200mm piece of wood to the top of the dropper.

6. Paint the completed feeding station and leave it to dry.

7. Using the rubber mallet, knock the dropper into the ground.

Making the feeders

Log peanut butter seed feeder

Take a natural log and screw a cup hook into one end. Use a 16mm spade bit and drill holes into log. Mix peanut butter and bird seed together and push it into the drilled holes. Hang this log from a cup hook attached to a dowel.

Nail feeders

The nails attached to the dowels are for fruit to be attached to.

Bottle bird feeder

Watch the video for this project below:

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