Dazzling Summer Florals

These three plants will dazzle in the summer months.

Fuchsia ‘Sundancer’

For a potted plant that flowers for several months, you have to get Fuchsia ‘Sundancer’ from the Proven Winners range. It grows up to 2m in the garden and can be trimmed to keep its shape and in pots it’s perfect for summer patios on its own or planted with other contrasting plants. It can be positioned in full sun or shade and needs regular watering. Feed every couple of weeks with a liquid plant food and add water retaining products to the soil to keep it moist.

Cuphea hyssopifolia ‘Lemon & Ice’

For foliage that stands out with its bright lime and yellow, ‘Lemon & Ice’ is the choice. It’s a compact cuphea 30cm high and 40cm wide that can be pruned into a striking low hedge. In the summer and into autumn it bares masses of small white flowers that cover the plant. It loves a sunny spot in frost-free areas (protected in frost areas) in soil that is well-composted and well-draining. This pretty evergreen has moderate watering needs and does well with a good feeding in midsummer.

Salvia ‘Rockin’

The rich colours of these Proven Winners ‘Rockin’ salvias will dazzle. They are super easy to grow and basically trouble-free. In frost-free areas they are grown as a perennial and an annual elsewhere in sun or semi-shade. Water and feed regularly to keep up the blooming all season and to hold the stunning bold colours of the flowers. They can be trimmed to bush out and flower more. These stunning colours are the varieties ‘Deep Purple’ and ‘Fuchsia’. Plant in the garden or in containers.

All these plants are from Keith Kirsten Horticulture and are available at local nurseries and garden centres countrywide. Visit www. keithkirsten.com for more summer-flowering dazzlers.

The Gardener