Three Of The Best Plants

These three plants never disappoint in the perennial quest for effortless garden beauty.

We’ve all had those moments when we yearn for a low-maintenance garden that can still captivate with its vibrant colours and textures. But choosing the right plants can be a challenge. Fear not! We’ve got a fabulous foursome that will bring life and allure to gardens across different climates, from Muizenberg to Musina. From the dramatic Carex ‘Everillo’ to the enchanting Hebe ‘Sunset Boulevard’, and the compact yet mighty ‘HibisQs’ series, let’s explore these three plants that will work their magic while you sit back and relax.


Our first favourite of the three chommies is actually a whole genus – Carex. There are many varieties to choose from, but let’s shake up those sunny or shady garden spots with the showstopper Carex ‘Everillo’ or the majestic Carex ‘Feather Falls’.

‘Everillo’ is a trendsetter with cascading foliage that starts lime-green and changes to golden-yellow. ‘Feather Falls’ has clean, variegated green and white foliage and gets beautiful feathery flower plumes in spring. Both have similar growing characteristics:

  • They are evergreen.
  • They can be planted in the garden or in containers. Low-maintenance plants that are tough and resistant to cold and frost.
  • Create a dramatic visual impact.
  • Reliable choices for any garden.
  • Require well-draining soil enriched with compost and bonemeal.
  • Should be pruned regularly and heavily to keep them neat.
  • Reach 50 x 50cm.

Hebe ‘Sunset Boulevard’

Hold on to your gardening hats for famous hebes and let Hebe ‘Sunset Boulevard’ steal the spotlight.

  • This trendy shrub reaches a height of 1m.
  • It has dark pink flowers that bloom abundantly in summer and autumn.
  • It has glossy dark leaves and sassy red mid-ribs, adding glamour to the garden.
  • It thrives in well-drained soil.
  • Protection from frost is necessary.
  • It can be enjoyed in pots, rock gardens or mass plantings.


Looking for vibrant flowers to brighten your garden and create the perfect selfie backdrop? Look no further than the compact hybrid ‘HibisQs’, bred from the hibiscus but with longer lasting flowers.

  • These small but mighty plants reach a height of up to 2m and width of 1.5m.
  • They showcase lush foliage and have a never-ending blooming season.
  • Each vibrant bloom features a contrasting eye zone or throat, adding visual appeal.
  • Planting one can instantly transform your patio, balcony or garden into a tropical paradise.
  • Plant in well-draining soil.
  • Protection from cold and frost is necessary.
  • Regular watering and appropriate fertilisation are essential for best results.
The Gardener