Anyone can grow food

As we always say when starting a vegetable garden, start small and grow the things you will eat. This Elho green grow table is the perfect place to start. Grow your favourite vegetables and herbs at the perfect height and top it off with a hood that provides the perfect environment for growth.

In a space less than a meter, on a balcony, patio or even indoors, you can grow your daily needs of greens easily and with style. Made from recycled plastic, the Elho grow table is functional and fun for beginners and pro gardeners alike. The hood clips on easily and comes with a ventilation controller to regulate the temperature, moisture and air supply to your seedlings giving them the best start and protecting your edibles from birds and pests. The UV-filter also protects the plants when the table is standing in the full sun.

We planted our grow table up with veggies and herbs we knew we would use. This included different types of lettuce, edible flowers, Basil herbalea ‘Wild Magic’ and parsley.

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