climb slinky

Climb A Slinky

Have some fun in the garden creating this ‘climb a slinky’ and some beans or peas. This is actually too easy to be a called a DIY, but it is fun and works well.

To make your ‘Climb a Slinky’ You need:

A slinky
Some thin wire
A stick or stake
Some climbing plants, like peas or beans


Hammer, pliers

To do

  1. Once the stake is driven into the ground with a hammer, drop the slinky over it.
  2. Cut a piece of wire to about 10cm long, and wrap it around the top of the stake so that there are two equal lengths of wire sticking out opposite each other. Squeeze the loops with pliers to get it to stay there.
  3. Pull the top end of the slinky up to the wire, and manoeuvre it so that about three coils of the slinky are resting on the wire ends. Then use the pliers to curl the ends of the wire over the slinky coils, securing it in place.
  4. Plant some bean seedlings, or something similar, next to the base of the slinky, and tease their tendrils onto the slinky coils. In a short time they will grow onto the slinky and use it as a fun trellis. Alternatively, let the seedlings grow a bit and then add the slinky next to them, as we did.
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