Eating Microgreens

Eat your Microgreens

Packed with flavour and nutrition, these gourmet greens are the perfect solution for urban gardeners. But even if you’re not short of space, the best place to grow them is on your kitchen windowsill, where they’re always in sight and easy to reach for the snip

Microgreens are leafy green veggies like Asian greens, beetroot, baby spinach, cabbage, radish, rocket and wheat grass that are sown densely in seed trays and harvested within 10-14 days after germination, when they have developed 4-6 true leaves. They’re great ingredients for stir-fries, salads and healthy sarmies, and make an eye-catching garnish for so many other dishes too. It’s been claimed they contain up to 40 times the vital nutrients of their mature counterparts, so if you don’t already have your microgreen farm on your windowsill, start one now! Seed trays can be started indoors in a warm, well-lit room, using a heat pad if needed, and after germinating can be grown on in a sunny room or outside in a sunny but protected area. In summer a windowsill that gets at least four hours of direct sunlight a day is perfect, but take care that the soil doesn’t dry out as microgreens need a moist growing environment at all times.

Quick tips

  • Bright light is essential.
  • Use a good-quality germination or seedling mix.
  • Soak the seeds before sowing.
  • Keep the seed moist during germination.
  • Cut when the plants are about 6cm tall and have four true leaves.
  • For an ongoing supply, plant up a new seed tray every week.

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