Get composting!

New products from Mon Exteriors have made composting easier than ever before!

Whenever you speak to someone with an incredible garden, one of their top tips will no doubt be ‘add compost’. And the more you get into gardening, the more fascinating you will find compost.

Yes, you can buy compost in bags from Builders (and that is definitely the easiest way to do it!), but you’re missing out on the benefits that making your own compost delivers.

First up, making your own compost is free. Secondly, it turns all that kitchen and garden waste into something valuable. At the same time, you no longer have to throw away or cart away that compostable matter. Win win!

But as with anything, you’re more likely to stick to it if it’s easy, and these new products from Mon Exteriors make composting trendy and easy.

1. Composting cart

You may be thinking “What makes this cart different?” Well, it is designed to work in conjunction with the compost tumbler, so it can fit beneath the tumblers for easy collection of your home-made black gold. It is strong and sturdy, with a capacity of 55 litres, and a long removable handle that makes it easy to roll around the garden. Another way to use it is to leave it under the composter to collect any nutrient-rich liquid that leaks out. Obviously the cart has a myriad of other uses around the garden where you need to transport things but a wheelbarrow is overkill.

2. Compost tumbler

The key to good compost is turning it at the right time. You don’t want to have to use a garden fork and sweat away in the sun, and turning can be difficult without making a mess or if you’re working in a small space. The answer is a compost tumbler, such as these ones from Mon Exteriors. With a capacity of 245 litres and a robust selfsupporting stand made of powder-coated zinc, the 245-litre Tumble Composter makes composting a breeze. It has sliding doors to keep out vermin and keep odours in, and the black material speeds up heat generation in the sun. It even comes with a divider so that you can create two separate compost bins if you want to. For smaller gardens there are the 70-litre Tumble Composter and the 160-litre composter. Both have sliding doors and mixing bars for quick composting, and are high off the ground for easy filling, emptying and mixing. The 70-litre unit has one large chamber while the 160-litre unit has two chambers for two lots of compost at different stages.

3. Compost caddies

The best way to develop a good habit is by making it easy and constantly in your sight. These compost caddies are attractive and practical, and designed to sit on your kitchen counter or under it, ready to collect kitchen scraps. When they’re full empty them into the composter. For an even easier system, use the caddies in conjunction with the compostable bags that will keep the caddy clean, and then which break down into compost within weeks. The caddies come in 7-litre and 9-litre sizes, with compost bags to match.

Compost tips

  • Use a ratio of 2/3 brown (dry) matter to 1/3 green (fresh or wet) matter.
  • Use a compost activator.
  • Don’t let the compost dry out – keep it moist by lightly sprinkling the compost with water every now and again.
  • The entire compost heap should be turned every month or so. If you’re using a tumbler this is as easy as pie!
  • The compost is ready when it has turned dark brown and smells earthy. Even then, leave it for a month or two to break down further before using it.
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