Grow Productively, In Any Space!

Don’t think that limited space should limit your veggie gardening. These great products allow you to create your own little farm even if you live in a penthouse.

Holt Cascade

Wall Going up can give you the space your green fingers desire, and few systems are as attractive or practical as the Cascade Wall from Holt. The Cascade Wall is modular, so you can join a number of units for a huge living wall or just use one on its own. The plastic units, which are entirely recyclable, mount to the wall and are easy to assemble. They can be used indoors too, as the water is evenly dispersed to each pot before being caught in the drainage saucers at the bottom. Dimensions: 67 x 17.7 x 57cm

Holt Grow Table

Working in your garden can be a real pain in the back, literally. The Holt Grow Table makes this a thing of the past with its ideal, ergonomic working height. It has space for a host of plants, while the hollow legs are designed to fill with water, which makes the table more stable and is a reservoir of water for when the plants need them. The Grow Table is made in South Africa and comes with a 2-year warranty.

Keter Maple Grow House

Keep harvesting veggies all through winter with the Maple Grow House, an attractive and functional mini-greenhouse. It is made up of a spacious planting tray as well as a frame and a clear nylon cover to keep warmth in and the elements out. The cover rolls up for ease of use and for ventilation in hot weather. It is made from high-quality, BPA-free resin with a classy wood look in anthracite grey. Dimensions: 99 x 58 x 64.8cm (185cm with nylon cover).

Keter Full Bloom Garden Bed

Here’s just the product to turn your patio into an urban farm. With its generous proportions (114 x 49 x 76cm), it allows you to grow bucketfuls of veggies or ornamentals. It comes with a host of clever features too, like the floating leaf that indicates when your plants need to be watered. It’s made of durable resin with an attractive rattan finish, while the removable drainage tap offers the versatility of using it indoors.

For more information on these products see holt.co.za and za.keter.com Also available from leading retailers nationwide.


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