shade frame

Keep Seedlings Safe – DIY Shade Frame

shade frame

Keep newly germinated seedlings sheltered from the sun and safe from pests with this simple DIY shade frame.

For Your Shade Frame You Need

6m x 20mm PVC conduit cut to:
4 x 690mm (long sides)
8 x 335mm (short ends)
8 x 25mm (connectors)
8 x 20mm PVC T-pieces
8 x 20mm PVC 90° elbows
1m shade cloth
Black baling twine (or cable ties)


Hacksaw, hammer, measuring tape, pencil

What To Do

  1. Mark the PVC lengths with a pencil and cut them with a hacksaw.
shade frame hacksaw
  1. Attach a 90° elbow to both ends of all four long (690mm) sides. You might need a hammer to persuade these joints together.
shade frame
  1. Into the other end of each 90° elbow, put in a 25mm connector. Onto the other end of each connector, fit a T-piece via one side of the top of the ‘T’.
  1. Now complete two squares by joining the other side of the top of these T-pieces with a short (335mm) end.
  1. Join these two squares by inserting the other four short (335mm) ends into the long parts of the T-pieces, forming a cube.
  1. Place a piece of shade cloth on your work surface, then put the cube frame onto it. Using baling twine or cable ties, tie one end of the shade cloth to one of the top long pieces. Pull the other end of the shade cloth over the opposite long piece, so that the shade cloth is covering the sides and the bottom. Cut the shade cloth to the right length, then tie it to the other long piece.
  1. Cover the two ends with shade cloth, folding it into position and tying it firmly with twine.
  1. Plant some seedlings or sow some seeds, and keep them safe with your new shade frame.
shade frame
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