Kokedama Balls

Have a ball with Kokedama

The space-saving trend of kokedama, the Japanese art of growing plants in moss balls, is a great way of adding an arty, interesting bent to growing your own veggies and herbs. The idea is to surround the root system of a plant with a mud cake, cover it with moss, and hold it all together with string. These moss balls can then be placed on a flat surface or strung up for the prettiest of displays. We made our own veggie kokedamas and arranged them on a sunny windowsill. There are various methods of constructing the moss balls. We found this version the easiest:

l Seedlings – we used a variety of lettuce seedlings, but you can use anything. (Chillies also look very good.)
l Sphagnum moss – you can find this at some nurseries and flower shops.
l Soil – clay soil works better
l Peat
l Black cotton


1. Combine the clay soil with equal parts peat. Add enough water to form a mud cake.

2. Mould the soil around the roots of the seedling, creating a regular, spherical ball.

3. Wrap the moss around the ball and tie it all together with string.

4. Tie some more string to the ball to hang it with. Hang your completed kokedama in pride of place