Late Summer Planting

Urban Gardening, Late Summer Planting

The end of a summer is a bitter sweet time. But as the temperature starts to cool slightly, there is opportunity for a some late summer planting

Cabbage: Cauliflower was certainly the hero veggie last year as a replacement for all things carb. This year, keep your eye on the humble cabbage; a win from both a health and diet variety perspective.

Savoy Cabbage, an Italian heirloom that dates back to the 1800s is a varietal that should be sown in late summer, in full sun when soil temperatures start to drop. A friendly kind of veggie, you can grow bean, beets, celery and onions in the same bed. Avoid greedy climbing beans, – they don’t always play as nicely in the veggie playground.

Carrots: Parisian – As carrots go, these are the fanciest. Their red-orange colour and round shape makes them totally recognizable and ideal for containers. Want a little more colour in your life – then Carrot Rainbow blend is for you. This throwback blend is a kaleidoscope of carrots that add a dash of crazy and a whole lot of flavour to every dish.

Growing some micro-greens is a great idea if you want a quick crop.
Smaller than “baby greens,” microgreens are grown in soil or soil-like materials such as peat moss, and require high light levels, preferably natural sunlight with low humidity and good air circulation.

Microgreens are ready to harvest when the new leaves are fully expanded. Harvest with scissors cutting just above the soil surface, excluding any roots. Snip when 2-4cm high.

All seeds are available at selected garden centres nationwide.

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