Microgreens Made Simple – Eat Your Greens

Microgreens are a great way of eating your greens and topping up your antioxidants, and a KZN entrepreneur has made it easier than ever to get your fill.

Here at Grow to Eat we love passion. We love meeting people who put their everything into their chosen field, who love to talk about it, and who drive knowledge forward. And Bruce Milne is one of these people, without a doubt.

A semi-retired exploration geologist now living in Curry’s Post in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, Bruce and his wife, Gillian, were living in Burundi but decided to come back to South Africa when the company they were working for pulled out of Africa. Since Gillian can’t keep her hands out of the dirt (Bruce’s words, not ours!), they looked for a small farm, which they found online and rented immediately because of the views and location in the fertile KZN Midlands.

In this new stage of their life Gillian began growing gourmet veggies, sold under the name Country Bounty, a business that has become a burgeoning success, but Bruce was looking for something to keep himself busy. After dabbling in mushroom growing, he started growing and selling microgreens and sprouts at markets and to local restaurants. This was an immediate success, but more and more people started saying that they wanted to grow their own.