Potato Tower

Potato Tower

A simple way to grow potatoes in limited space.

What you will need:
25mm x 25mm fencing wire cut to 990mm x 760mm in size
Binding wire or 10 cable ties
Potting soil
3 seed potatoes

Side cutters, fence-stapling pliers (such as Rapid FP 222) are handy but not essential
1. Roll the fencing to create a tube with a diameter of about 300mm. Join the ends together using binding wire, cable ties or the Rapid FP 222 fence stapling pliers. Fastening every second or third row is sufficient.

2. Place your wire tower on a piece of flat ground in the garden. Lay straw on the bottom and up the sides of the tower, to a height of about 300mm.

Note: If there are moles eating your bulbs you might want to put your potato tower on a paver or a piece of fencing to keep the moles away from your potatoes.

3. Fill the bottom 300mm with potting soil and plant three seed potatoes under 30mm of soil.

Note: As the potatoes grow you will add more potting mediumand straw to the wire tower, to cover the stem but always leaving the top green leaves exposed. After 90 – 120 days the leaves will start dying off and you can harvest your potato crop.

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