tamper handle drill

DIY Soil Tamper – Plant Seeds Easily

DIY Creative Gardening! It may look simple, but this tamper is surprisingly useful in the garden when planting seeds!

planting tamper

For Your Tamper You Need

1 x cupboard handle
1 x 187mm x 140mm x 20mm piece of wood


Saw, drill and 4mm drill bit, screwdriver, tape measure, pencil

How To Make Your Tamper

  1. Measure the wood and cut it to size. Our measurements fit the seedling trays we use most often, but you can change them to fit your seedling trays. Find the middle of the plank, measuring from long edge to long edge. Draw a faint line. Measure the handle, from screw hole to screw hole. Make marks on the line drawn in step 2 corresponding to the handle.
tamper measure
  1. Drill holes at these intersecting points. Countersink the holes to hide the screw heads.
tamper handle drill
  1. Screw the handle to the plank.
tamper handle screw

How To Use

  1. Fill a seed tray with a potting soil/palm coir mix at a 4:1 ratio.
potting soil mix
  1. Use your seed tamper to tamp down the soil.
tamper on soil
  1. Make holes in the soil and pop in a seed. We used Cucumber ‘Muncher’ from Living Seeds in this case.
seed planting
  1. Cover the seeds, then use your tamper to firm down the soil.
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