Step-Up Veggies

Step-Up Veggies

Growing vertically is a great way to make the most of limited space. This handy DIY ladder allows for easy access to your veggies as they grow upwards

What you will need:

2 x 1900mm x 235mm x 40mm pine roofing timber
2 x 350mm x 110mm x 40mm pine roofing timber
4 x 500mm x 180mm x 170mm plastic troughs
8 x 30mm x 4mm wood screws
8 x 80mm x 4mm cut wood screws
Wood primer or universal undercoat
Enamel paint


Circular saw or hand saw, electric sander, drill and screwdriver bit, tape measure, pencil, combination square, paintbrush

What to do

1.Mark and cut the two 1900mm planks according to the diagram, using the combination square to get the angles correct

2.Sand all your timber to a smooth  finish, removing all sharp edges.

3.Join the two sides together by attaching the two 350mm braces with the 80mm screws to points A and B, as indicated on the diagram.

4.Apply the wood primer to the timber, allow it to dry and then paint with your choice of enamel paint. Apply two coats of paint, allowing drying time between coats.

5.Once your paint is dry, place the troughs on the shelves and secure them with the 30mm wood screws. Our troughs have a removable base that we secured to the shelf.

6 Place the stand in situ and plant it up with a selection of veggies, herbs and flowers.

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