Summer Basket Of Goodies

Take a look at some useful goodies that can help you in your veggie garden over the summer season.

Earthworm magic

Discover the magic of earthworm castings with 3Sixty Nutricast™, a natural multi-purpose and highly nutritional organic fertiliser that will feed and enhance your garden soil, improve fertility and increase water holding capacity. The result – healthy, thriving plants and abundant harvests for you and your family. Find your Nutricast™ at Lifestyle Home Garden or shop online at https://lifestyle.co.za/

Beautiful corrugated steel planters

Want to elevate your vegetable garden to a new level of ease, productivity, beauty and neatness? RainQueen raised garden beds are the answer! Proudly hand-crafted in South Africa in a range of styles and sizes. They also customise to your requirements.


Hot new chilli range

Dive into a world of fiery flavours with Starke Ayres’ brand-new chilli range. Whether you’re a seasoned spice enthusiast or just starting your pepper journey, our carefully curated selection offers something for everyone. From mild to wild, we’ve got the perfect pepper for your palate.


New finger limes

Just in time to add a dash of something different to summer drinks and desserts, the very exciting ‘California Sunrise’ finger lime. They are roughly the size of a person’s index finger and contain round juice pearls that resemble what we like to call ‘citrus caviar’. Juice bursts from the citrus pearls when bitten into and has a fresh lemon-lime flavour. The finger lime pearls can be used anywhere in place of a lemon or lime, such as appetizers, drinks, main dishes and desserts. They are especially good with seafood. Plant them in the garden or in pots in full sun to semi-shade where they will produce fruit all year round. Find yours exclusively at Lifestyle Home Garden or shop online at https://lifestyle.co.za/

Manual sprayers for every need

Perfect for spot treatment, this can be used around your home and garden. Light and easy to carry with an ergonomic handle. Thumb trigger with built-in maximum spray lock for ease of use. The Husqvarna 301SM sprayer ensures high performance and durability with an aluminium piston rod and high-quality seals. An adjustable brass nozzle can be set to mist, cone or jet spray for precise application.

The Husqvarna 308SM is a versatile sprayer perfectly sized for smaller jobs or spot treatment applications. Reliable stainless steel piston rod with a plastic lance and adjustable nozzle. The pressure release valve helps prevent chemicals from spilling before opening the tank. Suitable for both home and small farm use.

This high-quality backpack manual sprayer (Husqvarna 320SM) is designed to meet the needs of small farmers and residential end users. The 50cm stainless steel lance includes an adjustable plastic nozzle with a spraying capacity of 800ml/min. Comfortable cushioned backpack straps and a chest buckle makes for an easier day’s work.


More air fryer for your money

The Eiger Aria XXL 23L air fryer is packed with features, but what is even more important is that you can cook everything you need to, in a healthy way for a whole family, all at once. It has a turbo heating system for quicker cooking and you can choose from a bigger temperature range between 80 and 230°C. Cook mini pizzas with fresh tomato for a party or a whole roast with vegetables for a sitdown dinner. Quick, convenient and easy to clean. Shop the Eiger range exclusively available at Builders, Game and Makro.

Happiness and Health Hamper

Get going on your organic vegetable growing with the wonderful Franchi Sementi, Linda’s Original Seeds and other products. Stand a chance to win this gorgeous hamper filled with garden goodies to get your veggie garden started, on Facebook: GrowtoEatMag. Contact Linda 082 365 0050.


An emerald tomato for summer

The new F1 hybrid Tomato ‘Emerald’ has just been released by MayFord Seeds for sowing this spring for a summer harvest. This tomato has uniform fruit of good quality on an excellent yielding plant that matures early (60 – 65 days after planting) and is also perfect for sauces and salsa. ‘Emerald’ has blocky fruit on plants with good leaf cover which protects the fruit exposed to the sun, and they have intermediate resistance to bacterial wilt disease.


Summer fly control

Protek Fly Bait proved its worth in the existing 200g shaker, but customers also requested a smaller container to suit their smaller living spaces. Fly Bait is now also available in the itsy bitsy 100g shaker. It is ready to use and can be applied as a dry bait, scatter bait or as surface spray and paint on.


For the Perfect Edge

Achieving that perfect garden edge has never been easier. PermaEdge garden edging is a durable, flexible and versatile solution to the edging of garden beds, lawn areas, tree rings, pathways and more!


Firefox Braais

Firefox braais are offered in a range of steels to match the braai to the environment it is going to be built into. In the Highveld (where the climate is drier) mild steel is a good choice for a braai located on a covered patio. At the coast or where the braai is located in the rain, rust-resistant steel such as 3Cr12 and stainless-steel are a better choice.

Firefox’s Table Braai is designed to be installed inside an existing brick chimney to provide a stylish and versatile braai option, or to be installed on a surface outdoors. Available in a choice of mild steel or various grade stainless steels, to suit the location. The shelf of the unit folds over the braai to waterproof it when not in use.


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