Tomato Planter

Upside-Down Tomato Planter

Home-grown tomatoes always taste better, and to make the most of available space they can even be grown upside down!

What you need

200mm x 110mm PVC pipe
110mm PVC connector
110mm PVC end-stop
PVC Weld
Spray paint
Tomato seedling
Potting soil
Drill, 18mm drill bit, 3mm drill bit

What you do

1. Cut a 200mm length of PVC pipe and glue it into one side of the connector using PVC Weld.

2. Drill an 18mm hole in the centre of the PVC end-stop. Glue the end-stop into the connector to close one end of the PVC pipe.

3. Drill two 3mm holes opposite each other in the top of the open end of the pipe, through which you will thread string to hang the planter.

4.To make the handle, thread one end of the string through one of the 3mm holes and tie a knot on the inside of the planter. Do the same with the other end of the string in the second hole.

5. Spray paint the planter (we chose red to match the tomatoes).

6. Carefully remove the soil from the seedling’s roots and gently put the roots through the 18mm hole. Carefully fill the planter with potting soil, then water generously.

7. Hang your tomato planter up in a sunny position and water regularly, feeding every two weeks for the best results.


Indeterminate tomatoes, such as ‘Moneymaker’ and the various smallfruited, cherry varieties, are best for upsidedown planters

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