Feed The Plants That Feed You

The buzz of bees – that’s one thing that we associate with spring and the edible garden. But bees need variety and constantly flowering plants, which is why it’s a great idea to plant other flowering plants in or around your fruiting veggies. Lavender is a classic option, while flowering herbs can deliver in this way as well as in the kitchen. To get the best from them, keep them fed with Pokon Lavender and Herb Fertiliser.

TIP: Rub your hands with lavender leaves or flowers to remove strong odours like onion and garlic.

When growing food for the table, it’s imperative to use products that are as natural and safe as possible, which is why Pokon Vegetable Garden Fertiliser is a great option. Made from 100% natural raw materials and totally plant-based, it is safe for both pets and humans. It’s an excellent slow-release product too, providing nutrients for up to 120 days!

TIP: Healthy plants are able to resist pest and disease infections, so it pays to feed them properly. Remember, prevention is better than cure!

Pokon Small Fruit Fertiliser has similar benefits but has been specially formulated to deliver exactly what fruiting plants need at the important fruit-setting stage of their lives. So if you’re growing strawberries, brinjals, berries or tomatoes, to name just a few, a good feed of Small Fruit Fertiliser will ensure a constant supply of fresh fruit from your garden to your table.

TIP: Strawberries are such fun to grow, especially for kids. To get healthy plants, mulch them and water the soil, keeping the leaves dry. They also love fertile soil, so feed it well.

One of the biggest global gardening trends is container gardening, driven by people who don’t have the space for a full garden. Food and herbs in pots is extremely popular, especially close to the kitchen where it can be easily harvested while you’re cooking. Pokon Bio Plant Food is the perfect product for these applications, designed specifically for pot plants, both indoors and on terraces and balconies. This natural fertiliser, which has an NPK formulation of 4:1:5, provides your plants with the nutrients they need and stimulates soil organisms for long-term plant health.

TIP: Don’t try to use just any soil for growing in containers – rather choose a good-quality potting medium, and think about adding Pokon Hydro Granules too, for better water retention and healthier plants.

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