Lavender fragrance

Make your own fragrance

The allure of lavender is its aromatic yet fruity fragrance that always lifts the spirits. The first recorded use of lavender was as a perfume over 2500 year ago, and it has been used in that way ever since.

To make a lasting lavender fragrance, try this recipe:
• In a glass or ceramic bowl, alternate a layer of salt with a layer of lavender.
• Sprinkle vodka on it to act as a preservative, barely moistening the surface.
• Build up layers of salt and lavender, each one moistened with alcohol. Other herbs can be added to the lavender, like rose-scented geranium, rose petals, or lemon verbena.
• While filling the bowl over a period of time, keep the lid tightly closed.
• When the bowl is full, thoroughly mix the herbs and salt, adding essential oils and fixatives.
• Close the lid and allow the mix to cure for a week or two.
• Drain off any moisture and keep it to add to bath water.
• After the curing period and when the mix smells the way you want it to, scoop it into presentation containers.
• The moist potpourri should not be left to stand open, as the fragrance will disappear as it dries.
• Keep it in a sealed container, opening it from time to time to release the fragrance

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