Spring Basket

Take a look at some useful goodies that can help you in your veggie garden this spring.

Bright and Vibrant

Bright colours attract pollinators to the garden and there is no better way to do this than by planting brightly coloured flowers in amongst your vegetables. Starke Ayres has a new flower seed packet that is bound to do the job very well. The Geum coccineum ‘Orange Queen’ flowers have a compact and robust branching habit meaning that the plant will have a sturdy structure with multiple branches, making it visually appealing and easy to manage in a garden or pot. The bright and unique colours of the flowers will not only add beauty to your surroundings but also attract bees.


Pure Water

The JoJo Whole-house Water Filter uses a two-stage filtration unit that incorporates NASA technology to provide perhaps the safest and cleanest water of any water purification system in South Africa. It provides peace of mind that the water from every single outlet in your home is safe to drink, wash in, and clean and cook with.


Happiness and Health Hamper

Get going on your organic vegetable growing with our wonderful Franchi Sementi, Linda’s Original Seeds and other products. Stand a chance to win this gorgeous hamper filled with garden goodies to get your veggie garden started, on Facebook: GrowtoEatMag. Contact Linda 082 365 0050.


Husqvarna Manual Sprayer

The Husqvarna 308 SM 8L Manual Sprayer is a versatile sprayer perfectly sized for smaller jobs or spot treatment applications. It has a reliable stainless steel piston rod with a plastic lance and adjustable nozzle, and the pressure release valve helps prevent chemicals from getting on you before opening the tank. It has an adjustable strap with cushion for maximum comfort and 8 litres of capacity for big or small tasks.


Potted Colour

You can’t go wrong with heat-tolerant colour in containers and hanging baskets and Starke Ayres has these beauties to get started from seed. Petunia Colorama is a uniform mixture of medium-sized flowers meaning that you can expect consistency in the size and shape of the blooms, creating a harmonious display and they come in a mixture of colours. In just 12 weeks you can have a stunning display of blooms, that are also great to add to salads or snack platters for spring.


For the Perfect Edge

Achieving that perfect garden edge has never been easier. PermaEdge garden edging is a durable, flexible and versatile solution to the edging of garden beds, lawn areas, tree rings, pathways and more!


Lemon Basil

Basil with the distinctive fragrance of sweet lemon is now available in MayFord seed packets. Often used in curries, pesto, soups and stir-fries and added at the end of cooking to protect the fresh but fragile flavour and aroma. Lemon Basil can be grown year-round in frost-free areas and will have its peak in summer.


Flavour Festival

Join Heckers Garden Centre for their annual Grow to Eat Festival from 30 September – 8 October 2023. Explore edible gardening from around the world, learn from experts, and enjoy captivating displays dedicated to international cuisines. Free admission, special offers, interactive workshops, and a pet-friendly environment. Don’t miss it!


Get Dirty

Broadforks and tools, soil-friendly products, training courses and more at www.getdirty.co.za


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