Edible arrangement


This arrangement is easy to put together. Start by melting a bar of lovely dark chocolate (2-3 minutes in a microwave, stirring every minute and make sure it doesn’t over heat); then dip one side of each strawberry, or cover the entire berry, and skewer each one on a wooden stick. Allow the chocolate to set.

Treat the skewers as stems and arrange the strawberries as you would a posy, either tied together with a red ribbon or arranged in a pretty glass vase. Complete the look with coloured cellophane or tissue paper.
Red strawberries and chocolate – guaranteed to put a smile on a loved one’s face.
While dipping the strawberries, it occurred to us that one could use other varieties of fruit and create an interesting edible table arrangement that doubles as a dessert. Melon or spanspek cut into slices makes interesting shapes and a good starting point. Skewer the pieces and arrange in a bowl or vase into which you have placed half a block of dried flower oasis. We next cut pineapple slices into daisy shapes using a cardboard template (a daisy-shaped cookie-cutter would speed up the process), created ‘stems’ with wooden skewers and topped each with a fresh cherry. We filled in the gaps with apricots with chocolate swirls, skewered plums and stems of ‘three grapes in a row’.
Use our ideas as the starting point and go on to see where your own creativity leads you. Have fun, and enjoy the compliments from your guests.

The Gardener