Radish Tzatziki

Radish Tzatziki

1 medium-sized bunch of radishes
1-2 cloves of garlic
Lemon juice
250ml Greek yoghurt (full or low fat)
A splash of cream (optional)
1 tablespoon of fresh mint

This radish tzatziki can accompany whatever raw vegetables are available in season, or can be served with fish and chips. Top, tail and grate the radishes. Rinse the grated radish in cold water and squeeze to remove any excess starch. Dry on some paper towel, place in a bowl and add the garlic, a little lemon juice, the Greek yogurt and the splash of cream, then stir in the fresh mint, and taste. A little sugar, salt and pepper may be added to taste.

Parsley, lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, carrots, runner and bush beans, tomatoes, parsnips, peas, strawberries, nasturtiums, kohlrabi and cabbage are all reputed to be good companion plants for radishes. Few pests will bother the root of the radish, although caterpillars may feed off the leaves and can be removed by hand. In warm, damp weather, the leaves of the crop might become damaged by downy mildew.

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