Abelia x grandiflora

Dwarf Glossy Abelia

Dwarf Glossy Abelia

Formal gardens have been fashionable around the world since the times of early civilisations and still today they remain popular, especially with the resurgence of Tuscan and Victorian landscape styles.

One of the key components of these formal designs is low, clipped hedges that edge the geometric patterns or shapes, using plants such as the Abelia x Grandiflora, or the Dwarf Glossy Abelia. These are often referred to as box or boxed hedges. Careful selection of the right plant types for the scale and size of the garden and the climatic conditions are paramount to successful formal hedging.

The following selection includes all the most suitable subjects for a broad range of South African garden conditions. For further information on your particular area, consult with your local garden centre or nursery.

The Dwarf Glossy Abelia is a semi-deciduous plant that has small, diamond-shaped leaves that are a glossy, dark green in colour. It bears tubular white flowers in summer and autumn. It grows best in full sun with individual plants spaced at 45 cm intervals. Allow it to grow to a height of about 50 to 70 cm with a base width of between 30 to 40 cm. It has a fast growth rate and will grow virtually throughout the country, from the coast to cold inland areas.

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