acorus gramineus

Acorus Gramineus

‘Golden Edge’, ‘Mini-Gold’ & Variegatus

Acorus Gramineus ‘Golden Edge’ is a grass-like evergreen perennial with delicate, slightly curved foliage that ranges in colour from light to golden yellow and is striped yellow and green.

It is a versatile plant with fleshy roots (rhizomes) and is equally happy growing in a pond, in a damp area or in a garden bed.

The tussocks, or clumps, grow to about 30cm x 30cm and quickly form a dense ground cover. The striking golden-yellow foliage makes it a useful plant to brighten up an area that is predominantly green.

Acorus Gramineus ‘Mini-Gold’ also known as Grass-Leaf Sweet Flag, Dwarf Sedge, Japanese Rush, and Japanese Sweet Flag. This is a cheeky little dwarf Acorus with yellow and gold leaves and an adult size of 15 x 15 cm.

Acorus Gramineus ‘Variegatus’ can be used in water features and ponds to create a more natural environment and provide protection for aquatic life. These plants also serve to soften hard lines created by solid concrete edges and rock placements.

They are as happy in water as they are growing in gardens. These are members of the Arum Lily Family, and are a creamy-white colour. Plant the ‘Variegatus’ in pots and place them in the pond, ensuring that the leaves are above the water line.

The Acorus Gramineus enjoys a well composted soil and will tolerate full sun and shade. It must be protected from heavy frost.

The tussocks can be divided at any time of year to increase stock.

Most suitable climate for Acorus Gramineus

This plant grows in almost any situation but protect it from heavy frost.

What Acorus Gramineus Needs

Location: Full sun to shade
Soil: Copes perfectly with heavy clay soil in wetlands; fertile soil ensures very pretty plants
Water: high water consumption

In a nutshell

  • Will grow in water
  • Divides successfully and easily
  • Bright grassy tussocks provide lovely colour contrast in a planting scheme
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