Agapanthus ‘Buccaneer’

Our indigenous agapanthus plants are truly a wonderful addition to the garden. They are easy to grow, virtually pest- and disease-free, and produce clusters of perfect blooms on the ends of their soldier-stiff stems. Agapanthus ‘Buccaneer’ is a medium-sized aggie that flowers all summer long, and then can also flower again at any time of the year. The blooms are dark blue with a purplish vein on stems 30cm high, and they grow in full sun or semi-shade which makes them versatile in any garden and great for containers.

These hardy plants will grow in just about any soil but will do extra well in good-quality, well-composted, nutrient-rich soil. Once they are planted, they are hardy and low maintenance as well as drought and frost tolerant. Every 4 – 5 years or when the clumps get too large, they can be lifted and divided in spring or early summer. Feed twice a year with a good all-purpose slow-release fertiliser and deadhead spent blooms regularly.

They are beautiful flowering perennials that just about take care of themselves. Agapanthus ‘Buccaneer’ is grown by Malanseuns Pleasure Plants and is available from Plantland Garden Centres and other nurseries in South Africa.

The Gardener