alluadia procera

Alluaudia procera

Octopus Plant

alluaudia procera

The quest for strange or different looking plants continues. This unusual succulent plant from Madagascar, the Alluaudia Procera, is an integral part of the famous thorn-shrub forest that covers large parts of the Island.

Alluaudia Procera starts off as a many-branched shrub with twisted,  or contorted, branches resembling octopus tentacles. Ultimately it changes its growth habit, developing into an upright, single-stemmed tree which produces flowers as seen in the illustration.

They are dioecious, meaning that separate plants bear male and female flowers. The arrangement of leaves and thorns along the stems and branches is perhaps the most attractive feature of this peculiar plant. They grow readily in warm, frost-free climates, with well-drained soil being an essential requirement. These plants are not easily found in South Africa.

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