Recycled Wine Bottle Torch

Add ambiance to your outdoor evenings while you keep mosquitoes
at bay with this wine bottle citronella oil torch.

Wine bottle

What you Need

Epoxy glue, pipe cutter, screwdriver, funnel, hacksaw, 3 x wood screws

Wine bottle

1.Decide where the torch is to be mounted and mark where the 3 screws will go to secure the back plate.

2. To make the torch holder: glue the 15 cm-long copper pipe into the coupler and allow to dry. Screw the coupler into the back plate.

3. Push the holder bat into the other end of the pipe, ensure it is secure, and then screw the back plate to the wall.

Wine bottle

4. To make the wick holder: glue the 5 cm-long copper pipe into the remaining straight coupler. Let glue dry. Pull the wick through the washer, coupling and pipe, leaving 2 cm exposed at the top.

5. Using a funnel, fill the bottle with citronella torch oil. Slide the wick into the oil and rest the wick holder in the mouth of the bottle.


6. Position the neck of the wine bottle against the curve of the holder and clamp it in place. The wick will need a few minutes to absorb the oil before you light it. When not in use, remember to cover the wick with the copper cap to keep it dry.

Take Care

This  open flame torch is for outdoor use only. Never set the wick higher than 2cm.

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