Divide and Repot Aloes

If your pretty aloe, such as this ‘Twice as Nice’ hybrid with its striking red and white bi-coloured flowers, has become a congested clump due to forming lots of pups around its base, then you need to divide and repot aloes in a handsome pot. This little dwarf aloe loves growing in a container and can flower for as long as three months.

To divide and repot aloes you need:

  • A wide, shallow bowl
  • Large stones
  • Potting soil
  • Fine grit
  • EcoBuz Humigro soil conditioner
  • Some medium stones

Do this:

  1. Dig up the plant and cut off old flower stalks and leaves.
  2. Gently pry the pups apart.
  3. Prune back each pup’s roots.
  4. Place a layer of large stones in the bottom of the pot, for good drainage. Mix some fine grit and Humigro (according to instructions on the package) with the potting soil and fill up the bowl.
  5. Plant the pups and mulch with a layer of decorative medium stones.
  6. Water well.
The Gardener