Fabulous Agapanthus Hybrids

Superior modern Agapanthus hybrids now have longer and repeat flowering capabilities. These plants are very floriferous and tough, withstanding frost and long periods of drought. Try these:

1. Agapanthus ‘Buccaneer’ is a medium size Agapanthus hybrid that grows to about 30 x 30cm. It has dark-blue, umbrella-shaped flowers with deep purple veins that flower from early to midsummer.

2. Agapanthus Africanus ‘Lapis Lazuli’ is a free-flowering dwarf agapanthus hybrid with intense blue flowers that appear intermittently in summer. Perfect for small gardens and pots. Plant size about 60 x 40cm.

3. Agapanthus Orientalis ‘Queen Mum’ bears beautiful bi-colour flowers with violet-blue and white on the outside of the petals, and pure white on the inside. The flower spikes are an impressive 1.2m tall. Full sun is essential to bring out the intense blue colour of the flowers, which appear 1 from December. Plant size about 80 x 80cm.

Tips for Agapanthus Hybrids

Keep Agapanthus plants happy by planting them in full sun or light shade, watering regularly (but don’t overdo it), and feeding them with a slow-release fertiliser in spring.

Watch out for lily borer in warmer weather. They make tunnels in the leaves and tunnel into the centre of the plants. Find and catch them by hand or use a contact insecticide that contains cypermethrin, or use Protek Complete.

Rust is a fungal disease that causes brown spots on the leaves. The leaves can become yellow and drop off. Treat with a copper-based fungicide.

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