Anemone x hybrida

Japanese Anemone


Spectacular when in full bloom and forming ever-increasing clumps, the Japanese Anemone is easy-to-grow herbaceous perennials die down completely during the winter months.
In spring the fresh new foliage emerges forming a base of pale green, palmate leaves. In summer and autumn branched flower stems up to 90cm tall appear, carrying smaller leaves topped with attractive flowers up to 7cm across.

Various named hybrids are cultivated and include white forms and various shades of pink. Some have single rows of tepals (the petal or sepal of a flower where the calyx and corolla are not clearly distinguished) whilst others are semi-double with up to 15 tepals. All of them have prominent yellow stamens in the centre of the flower. They enjoy rich, loamy soils and cool root conditions, preferring the colder climatic regions and perform best in dappled shade.

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