6 Flowers to Plant Now For a Spectacular Spring

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Many of the most important spring flowers need to be planted out as young seedlings in autumn. Start planning now for spring to make sure it’s filled with seasonal beauty.

Aquilegia (Colombine)

spring plants

These are attractive annuals and/or perennials that are ideal for dappled shade in colder climates. They grow easily from seed sown in autumn, blooming from spring into early summer.

2. Delphinium

spring delphinium

These annuals and perennials need to be planted out by the end of May in order to grow to full stature for spring flowering. Use for background planting in sun and light shade. They are cold and frost hardy.

3. Dianthus


These new hybrids are making a tremendous impact in the spring flower garden, they fill up space and bloom for weeks on end. Besides large-growing Dianthuses there are many other smaller-growing ranges to select from for foreground displays.

4. Digitalis (Foxglove)

spring digitalis

Well-grown Foxgloves never fail to impress. They enjoy cool climatic conditions and rich soils, and grow best in sun or dappled shade. Make sure that seedlings are planted out by mid-May.

5. Papaver (Poppy)


Poppies are important in flower borders, especially in the colder climates. They put on a spectacular display with distinctive flowers through late winter and into spring. Beware of planting out seedlings too early when autumn heat can damage the young plants. Full sun and well-drained sweet or alkaline soil is best for poppies.

6. Primula (Primrose)

spring primrose

Primula Malacoides or fairy primroses are the mainstay of shade flowers for the winter and spring garden. They enjoy cool conditions and slightly acidic soils. Plant out seedlings during May for a special spring display.

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