Exuberant sun lovers

Sun lovers

We picked a large pot and filled it with some exuberant sun lovers to lead you joyfully through the quiet days of autumn. The bright colour scheme of blue, red and golden yellow will light up the dullest corner of any garden.

Fill your Trolley with
1 x CAPSICUM ‘Medusa’ (Ornamental Chilli)
1 x RUDBECKIA Hirta ‘Toto’
1 x SALVIA Farinacea ‘Victoria’ (Mealy Sage)
1 x 6-pack ZINNIA ‘Tom Thumb’
1 x 6-pack CAPSICUM ‘Explosive Ignite’
1 x 6-pack LOBELIA ‘Sky Blue’

More About the Plants

Sun lovers

Capsicum ‘Medusa’ is an ornamental pepper with ‘non-pungent’ fruit, produced in absolute abundance. These plants should be handled as annuals and you should sow the seed in autumn. They love hot climates and full sun but will also thrive indoors in a well-lighted, warm spot.

Sun lovers

Rudbeckia ‘Toto’ is a compact dwarf plant that bears masses of gorgeous golden yellow flowers.

Salvia Farinacea ‘Victoria’ is a dainty perennial with bright green leaves that carries its lovely violet-blue flowers on long stems. It enjoys full sun and is evergreen but tender to frost.

Zinnia ‘Tom Thumb’ is an ideal annual for adding colour to pots and small gardens. It flowers profusely in hot sun-drenched areas and will not grow higher than 35cm. It exhibits good resistance to mildew.

Capsicum ‘Explosive Ignite’ is a vigorous annual that follows its masses of tiny white flowers with the hottest little chillies! Although a dwarf variety it has a rambling, spreading growth habit that makes it ideal for pots and hanging baskets.

LOBELIA ‘Sky Blue’ is an upright growing variety with masses of clear blue flowers and crisp green foliage. Lobelias, in general, are possibly one of the most loved annuals that can be planted in all seasons. As small filler plants and for providing spot colour they have no equal.

Putting it Together
Pick a medium to large pot with a wide mouth. Plant the tallest plants (Mealy Sage) first and slightly off-centre. As our sun lovers are all brightly coloured, you can play around with those that combine well next to each other. Fill in all the blank spots as thickly as possible with the seedlings from the punnets, keeping the different shades or varieties together for bold spots of colour.

Pot Tips
• Don’t hesitate to mix annuals and perennials together. When the annuals lose their spark you can replace them with new ones that are in season, while simply cutting the perennials back to encourage new growth.
• To encourage more flowers, deadhead continuously.
• Annuals and perennials are gross feeders. Feed your sun lovers every fortnight with a soluble fertiliser and water the pot every second day or daily if the weather has not cooled down.

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