The benefits of displaying indoor plants in our homes are huge. Plants are a décor tool, moisturiser, therapist, climate improver and detoxifier in a pot. Everybody loves a fresh display of green and healthy plants but there are those among us who have a difficult time with pot plants.


Cactus plants are ideal ‘no-brainers’, but they must have high light. Cacti come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours. If you have a contemporary architectural home, use a group of three 25 cm cacti in large clean-lined pots, displayed like natural sculptures.

Or try an African Zen style. Fill a 1 m2 by 15 cm deep container with sandy soil. Arrange groupings of cacti, sparsely decorated with stones or pebbles. Use a small hand-sized garden fork to create patterns in the sand.

Caring for a Cactus

Water sparingly every second week.

The Gardener