Go Local With These Indigenous Bulbs

Some of South Africa’s most beautiful spring-flowering bulbs are ready for planting in April, so it’s time to order them online at hadeco.co.za or get to your nearest garden centre to stock up.

Here are some of the magnificent varieties available this year to brighten up any garden when they flower in spring.


Sweet and fragrant freesias are known for their range of colours, including white, red, lilac, yellow and pink, that you can bring indoors as houseplants or grow masses of in garden beds. Plant in stages from mid-April through to mid-June for a long season of flowers from late winter into spring.


Also called harlequin flowers for their contrasting dark and light colours and pointed petals, Sparaxis are perfect planted in clusters in garden beds or in pots for the patio. Plant in full sun or semi-shade in May and June for flowering in October.


Known as the African corn lily, Ixia has exotic-looking, star-shaped flowers that are available in several colours and variants. Plant from April to June for a spectacular spring show in a sunny spot in the garden.


Showstopper bulbs that form bright white flowers on tall stems. They make excellent cut flowers and grow equally well in pots for the patio. These bulbs are happy grown in full sun, planted in April to June and flowering in spring.


Also known as blazing stars, they come in beautiful shades of orange, salmon, cream and white. They grow about 30cm high and will suit large patio pots for a spectacular display. Morning sun and afternoon shade is best for these bulbs, and they are ready to plant in March to May for blooming in spring.

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These are just a few of the bulbs available for planting in Autumn. Check out www.hadeco.co.za for plenty more to choose from.

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