Important Information for a Successful Autumn Season

Autumn is a time of change, of days becoming shorter and nights longer. The weather is still warm but has lost the fierceness of summer, and the storm and heavy rains are most likely behind us in the summer-rainfall areas and ahead of us in the winter-rainfall areas. It is probably the most pleasant time of year in South Africa, which is why we should all make the most of it and spend the shortening afternoons in the garden before winter arrives.

And while plant growth has slowed down (including your lawn!), autumn is not without talks to keep your garden neat and in tip-top condition. One tool that can help tremendously with these tasks is a leaf blower or garden blower as we like to call of them because their uses are definitely not limited to leaves!

If you’re worried about the noise of a leaf blower, think again, because the new generation of battery blowers, such as those available from Husqvarna, has largely done away with this problem. Not only are they quiet, but they are lightweight, hassle and maintenance free with brushless motors and 36V of lithium-ion battery power.

Top uses for leaf blowers:

• Leaves: We know this is an obvious one, but it needs to be said. Blow leaves into piles and then use them – don’t throw them away. Either bag them up in lack bags, add a little moisture and leave them to turn to nutritious leaf mould for your garden, throw them on the compost heap or use them as a mulch on bare soil in your garden. This will keep the soil warmer through winter, retain moisture and keep wee d growth under control.

• Clean gutters: Cleaning gutters is a necessary evil – make it much quicker, cleaner and easier with a leaf blower. This is one task you will need to keep on top of in autumn.

• Clean up lawn mowings. This is much easier than raking and more effective too. Add these to the compost along with dry leaves.

• Clean out your boot after a trip to the nursery or dump. Using a blower s much easier than a vacuum or a brush, and you quickly get rid of any debris. The battery power of the Husqvarna leaf blowers means there are no cords to get in the way or petrol fumes lingering in your car.

• Dry your car. If you want your car to dry quickly without any spotting, blow-dry it with your leaf blower. Just check that there’s nothing in your blower first, by blowing into the garden for a few seconds.

• Clean your lawnmower by blowing any lawn clippings out of the cutting deck and the engine.

• Quickly clean pathways or verandas before visitors arrive. Much easier than a broom or vacuum!

For more information on the wide range of Husqvarna leaf blowers, click here.

The Gardener