Aloe peglerae

Fez aloe


Type: Small shrub-like aloe, 40cm.
Form: Succulent with inwardly curving leaves that assume a ‘soccer ball’ shape.
Flowers: Red-orange tubular flowers massed, usually, on a single raceme, from July to August.

Why plant it? With its tightly-packed, grey-green curved leaves, this aloe has an unmistakeable ‘soccer ball’ form which makes it one of the most interesting form plants available. This curious form is further enhanced during flowering time, when a single, thick-set flower-spike emerges vertically from the top of the leaf formation.
Plant this aloe in a rockery or, to accentuate the form, group three in a flat grassland garden, preferably creating a rock shelf effect around the aloes to keep the grass back. This is a sure way to create a garden of bizarre living sculptures! The flowers attract butterflies and sunbirds.
Found naturally: On dry rocky mountain slopes in the highveld.

The Gardener