Begonia ‘Summerwings’

Begonia ‘Summerwings’ is a new and improved begonia range for hanging baskets. They are gifted with beautiful, decorative flowers and a strong, prolific, slightly trailing growth that tolerates a bit of everything weather-wise.

Begonias in hanging baskets have been popular for a long time, but with the introduction of ‘Summerwings’, which require minimum care, comes a small revolution. ‘Summerwings’ are propagated from cuttings and are completely maintenance-free.

They have medium-sized, single-lobed, bell-shaped flowers that drop after flowering, only to be replaced by new flowers thus preserving the impressive look of the plant with continuous blooming throughout the summer till late autumn.

‘Summerwings’ produce many side shoots, resulting in nice and compact plants that quickly fill out pots and containers with their lovely oblong and pointed leaves. Often the leaves are also decorated with a visible pattern.

The colour of each variety is pure and neat while all varieties are sturdy and easy to grow, making them the perfect choice for hanging baskets and tall containers.

‘Summerwings’ prefer a warm and sunny situation where they will flower lavishly, but they perform well in semi-shade too.

The Gardener