Leucadendron tinctum

Bergroos, Spicy Conebush

Leucadendron tinctum

One of the most appealing features of this greatly under-utilised Leucadendron Tinctum is the strong spicy aroma given off by the female cones (illustrated).

An easily grown plant, it flowers for several months in winter and forms an attractive, spreading bushy shrub growing to a height of up to 1.3m. The leathery, greenish-grey leaves have rounded tips and no stalks, whereas the involucral leaves are larger and recurved, often with attractive reddish margins.

This long-lived species is best planted in groups of three to five bushes to make a really eye-catching display. Leucadendron Tinctum likes deep, acid soil in full sun and good air circulation. It is easily raised from seeds sown in late autumn.
Article by Graham Duncan.

The Gardener