Eucomis autumnalis

Wavy-Leaved Pineapple Flower’, ‘Wildepynappel’

Eucomis Autumnalis, the ‘Wavy-leaved Pineapple Flower’ or ‘Wildepynappel’ has wavy, strap-shaped leaves, in green or deep purple, that form upstanding tufts. They need to be grown in full sun, or in at least half a day of bright light, otherwise the tall flower stems will weaken and fall over.

The attractive flowers on the Eucomis Autumnalis grow on long, thick stalks that resemble a pineapple and appear in December to January. The individual flower colour varies from green to whitish and in the purple form it is a dark maroon.

Eucomis autumnalis

This bulb is fast growing and prefers a very well drained, sandy soil with lots of compost. It needs regular watering during the growing season. The plants are dormant for a period of two to three months in winter and may be over-planted with annuals.

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