Calodendrum capense

Cape Chestnut

cape chestnut

Type: Large tree, 20m.
Form: Single stemmed with rounded canopy. Bark grey, leaves light green and shiny.
Flowers: Pink, large and scented, massed in terminal sprays, from July to March.
Found naturally: In forests and at forest margins.

Why Plant it?

The Cape Chestnut, a noble tree, is one of the most beautiful of our indigenous species. In nature, it stands out against the dark forest because of its light hues, and even more so when it is in flower and putting on a magnificent pink show. The Cape Chestnut is a fairly quick grower although you will need to wait patiently for at least three to four years before expecting it to flower.

Place it in a focal position at the boundary of your garden. It may be deciduous in some conditions, but normally is evergreen. It does not cast heavy shade, so you should be able to cultivate other smaller shrubs and groundcovers beneath it.

The Gardener