Chondropetalum tectorum

Cape Thatching Reed

cape thatching reed

Chondropetalum Tectorum, commonly known as Cape Thatching Reed, is an evergreen reed with long, tough, leafless stems. The shoots are either male or female, and develop small colourful flowers in autumn. Endemic to the grassy fields of the fynbos regions, this hardy plant flourishes alongside Proteas and Ericas in sun-baked, sandy conditions. Ever adaptable, it grows equally well in damp marshy soil along watercourses, tolerating the strong coastal winds common in the Cape.

This reed makes as excellent garden subject – growing particularly well beside ponds or water features in moist, well-drained soil. With its tall, elegant, green shoots, this year-round winner is easily established in the garden. It rewards regular watering and the application of organic fertiliser with robust growth and enduring colour, which ensures that it remains an attractive feature throughout the seasons.

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