Clausena anisata



Type:Medium Shrub, 3 to 5m.
Form: Multi-stemmed and slender, with fine glossy foliage.
Flowers: Bunches of small creamy-yellow ‘stars’ with pronounced stamens, from May to August.
Clausena Anisata, or Horsewood, is a fairly fast growing shrub and is useful because it can grow either in shaded or sunny conditions. Its most curious attribute is the smell of its leaves when crushed: as the common Afrikaans name indicates, they smell of horse urine! However, don’t let this put you off – there are few shrubs more elegant than Clausena Anisata and the flowers are most attractive.

Although it is found naturally in forest undergrowth, it flowers best when it receives more sun. Plant it either under the larger trees in your forest garden, or place it at the margins of your shrubbery for added textural interest. Birds enjoy its fruit and certain butterflies use it as a host plant. It is found naturally in forests, at forest margins, and in thickets.

The Gardener