false heather

Cuphea hyssopifolia ‘Hybrids’

False Heather

false heather

False Heather is a small shrub with a neat, rounded growth habit, tiny leaves and masses of dainty little flowers for much of the year. Plants seldom grow much taller than 30 cm and can be cut or clipped regularly to maintain a neat, tidy appearance. Available in a range of different colours, white, mauve and purple the most notable, hybrids are ‘Lemon Squash’ with pale lime foliage and lavender flowers and ‘Cocktail’ which has rich golden foliage and contrasting purple flowers.

All of them succeed in both sun and shade and require very little attention except for protection from frost in the colder regions. These plants also makes wonderful edging plants when clipped into low, boxed hedges approximately 20 to 30 cm high.

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