Iberis sempervirens

Evergreen Candytuft or Perennial Candytuft

Iberis sempervirens

Iberis sempervirens is a charming little plant for cold, frosty gardens. This Perennial Candy Tuft forms low mounds 30 to 40cm high and equally as wide. In winter the plants are covered in small white flowers that continue into spring. They should be pruned back after flowering to remain neat and tidy. This is a wonderful filler plant for sunny borders, rock gardens and any other little nooks and crannies that just need that little extra finish.

One of the most impressive little shrubby plants for rock gardens, the Perennial Candy Tuft grows to about 30cm high, sprawling to slightly wider dimensions. Evergreen in even the coldest of climates, the plants are almost completely smothered in white flowers from mid-winter to the end of spring. This creates the impression of mounds of snow being scattered all over the rock garden for months at a time. The Iberis sempervirens likes rich, well-drained soils in a sunny position.

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