Leucadendron sessile

Sun Conebush

Leucadendron sessile

Forming a neat rounded shrub that grows up to 1,5m high, this easily-grown species of Leucadendron sessile has bright yellow involucral leaves from late winter to early spring that mature to dark red in summer.

The female flower heads (illustrated) are shiny and contrast wonderfully well against the greenish-grey leaves, whereas the much bigger male flower heads are lemon-scented and highly attractive to a range of insects, providing food for numerous garden birds.

This long-lived species of Leucadendron sessile is well suited to granitic clay soils and makes an excellent cut flower. It requires plenty of water for the first few years after planting, but once established is water-wise and remarkably wind-tolerant. Sow the seeds in late autumn.
Article by Graham Duncan

The Gardener