Searsia crenata

Dune Crowberry

Searsia crenata

The Searsia Crenata is a spreading and stocky coastal plant with a rounded shape. It survives against all odds and is a speedy grower with a mature height of about 3m. The Searsia Crenata is known to plant gurus as a ‘first phase’ re-vegetation species for soil stabilisation – on coastal dunes, for example.

It is one of the most wonderful and versatile evergreen garden plants as it can be used as formal hedging, screening against wind or to hold the fort in the background of a bed. It is also a perfect specimen for topiary.

• Talented as a coastal garden plant because of its wind tolerance.
• Hard-nosed against most climates but a bit defenseless when faced with extreme frost.
• Willing to perform in sun or partial shade and very drought-hardy.
• Attractive in pots when clipped into dense balls

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