Summer Colour In A Pot

Let’s take a look at this beautiful ‘summer colour in a pot’! The plants in this group all love the sun and well-draining soil, which is why they belong together in a pot for a hot summer patio.

Planting and Care

It is important to always use a good potting soil when planting in a container. For these plants that all require well-draining soil, you can add a few handfuls of drainage material like vermiculite or perlite to the mix. Add a handful of slow-release organic fertiliser to give the plants a boost. Add crocks or stones to the bottom of the pot to stop the soil from escaping, but still allowing the water to drain through.

Fill the pot halfway with the prepared soil and place4 the plants into the pot, filling in with more soil and firming it down to secure the plants. Water well and place in a sunny spot.

To care for the plants, use these tips:

  • Deadhead the flowers continuously.
  • Water 2-3 times a week or more frequently in hotter weather. Don’t allow the pot to sit in water, it must drain freely away.
  • Feed every 2 weeks with a liquid plant food.

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So now, you may be wondering which plants we have used in this ‘summer colour in a pot’ above? Here you go!

Scaevola ‘Bondi White’

‘Bondi White’ is a bright summer-flowering plant with pretty white fan-shaped flowers in a compact, neat shape. It’s a good hanging basket and container plant to trail over the edge. As its ‘Bondi’ name suggests it was bred in Australia for their hot conditions. These tough plants will need little maintenance. But they need well-draining soil, which is easy enough to achieve in a container like this one.

Salvia ‘GoGo Scarlet’

The centre of this pot is filled with a beautiful scarlet-red flowering salvia that will flower all summer long. It has an upright habit and is heat- and drought-tolerant once established. It will do well in full sun or with a bit of shade and attracts bees and butterflies.

Cineraria ‘Silver Dust’

Also found under the label Senecio cineraria, this attractive silver-leafed plant is grown for its pretty contrasting foliage. It’s a half-hardy plant that is more like an annual. In a container it can be moved when it gets too cold. This plant is particularly suited to growing with other colourful plants to set off the colours beautifully. It prefers full sun and well-draining soil. In mid-summer you may get small yellow flowers.

Dahlia ‘Dalaya Shari’

These sun-loving dahlias have beautiful bicolored blooms that flower from spring all the way through to autumn. Although these dahlias are also tuberous like the big tall dahlias, they are grouped under bedding plants because of their small statue. This series is known for its repeat blooms that need regular deadheading and they are butterfly magnets. They like full sun and are half hardy needing protection in winter.

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