Gelsemium sempervirens

Trumpet Flower, Evening Trumpet Flower


The Trumpet Flower is a light and quick-growing evergreen climber that clings by twining its slender stems around the means of support.

It grows naturally in the southern regions of the USA and parts of Mexico. Its slender leaves are pale green, slightly glossy and up to 5cm long. Yellow, sweetly-scented, trumpet-shaped flowers that are about 3cm long are borne in clusters from late autumn through winter to early spring, with peak flowering from late winter to spring; this is an exceptionally long flowering season that is often influenced by climatic conditions.

It tolerates a fair amount of cold, though it can be damaged by severe winter conditions. It is superb for covering trelliswork, fences and other structures that require a light and airy creeper. Prune it back as and when necessary through the year but take care during the process as the sap may cause skin irritation in sensitive individuals. All parts of the plant are considered toxic and potentially fatal if ingested.

The Gardener